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X PAY PRO Plus Profit Sharing Script Admin Panel Main Features


XPay Pro Plus has undergone significant updates and now has roughly triple the features of previous versions. Here are just a few of the new features below but take a tour of the admin panel demo to see just how extensive the feature list is. We guarantee that there is no other revenue sharing svript that offers even half the features of XPay Pro Plus, please feel free to check out our competitors if you are doubt this.

Banner Ads - Banner Ad slideshow which can load and display multiple banners to users without them even leaving the page, traditional banner rotators load a banner each time you refresh the page, our banner slideshow will load multiple banners and smoothly transition between one banner and another. Heights and widths and time to display banner ads for are all configurable.
Text Ads -
Give users text ad credits as a product and display custom text ad grids anywhere on the site, text ad grids can be a different grid configuration on every page!
Proof Of Payment Page - Show proof of member payments so people can see it is a paying program.
Directory - Show expired banner and text ads for search engine indexing etc.
Show Next To Cycle - Displays a list of the next members to cycle and like all things xpay pro you can configure this to show as many members as you like.
Position Expiration -
Expire positions once they reach a certain level of profit so that the member has to purchase more positions if they wish to continue earning.
- Instant Payment Notification to Auto Approve New Incoming Payments.
Recaptha - To Add System Security to Signup , Member Login and Admin Login pages, individually configure which ones you want recaptha on.
Fees - Ability to Charge Fees on a Per Processor Basis, either as a fixed price or as a percentage, fees can be added to the price at checkout or subtracted from the price after checkout, as always it has full flexibility to suit your payplan.
Member Transfers - Ability for Members to Transfer Funds to other members, this can be set to be percentage or fixed fee based with a maximum and minimum transfer and options to have the sender or the recipient pay the fee.
Cycle Everyone - Option to cycle every member everytime a new purchase is made, automatically keeps up with the amount of people to pay out and has a failsafe to ensure it cannot go into indivisible figures.
New Global Replacement Variables - New variables to use globally on the site to display info like statistics etc.
Financial Liability Stats - Shows how much in the system is currently withdrawable and not currently withdrawable based on minimum withdrawal setting.
Sales Per Processor - Statistics to show full sales per processor from any date ranges.
Infinite Referral Levels - New Feature to add infinite referral levels to your programs.
New HTML Editor - New and updated HTML editor to add and edit content to your pages.
Improved Reporting - New and better reporting of stats and member info etc in sortable columns.
New Admin Panel - New Admin Panel Layout and Theme with improved status and error messages.
Proxy Server - Use your admin panel as a proxy server for anonymous web browsing.
Free Live Chat - Free live chat rooms to use for member chat where you can host hundreds of chatters at once rather than being limited while using Skype etc.
Built In Bulk Mailer - Mail your own lists from old programs etc.
Blocking Lists - Ability to block signups from entire countries, ip ranges, single ip addresses, bad usernames or bad email addresses.
Countdown Timer - Countdown to various promotions, launches and other special events.
Stats Enable - Easily enable or disable stats on pages with one click.
Scrolling Newsfeed - Full HTML scrolling newsfeeds at any size.
Plus Many Many More New Features That Are Just Too Numerous To Mention.

  • Main Page: Complete financial, site settings and members statistics for accurate auditing.

  • Website Settings: Fully editable site settings, site name, site title, copyright notice, product name, product description, admin e-mail address, login expiration, positions displayed per page and referrals shown per page for members area. Enable or disable e-mail notification to admin of new support tickets that are awaiting replies.

  • Payment Settings: Complete ability to control minimum and maximum withdrawals, ability to allow or disallow multiple purchases, the ability to control the suggested amount of positions to purchase which will show in the amount to purchase field in the members purchases area. Minimum and maximum number of positions that can be purchased, price per position, admin profit percentage, ability to enable or disable the facility to award referral commissions to members, levels deep to pay referral commission to, referral commission percentage to pay, number of members that are paid per new purchase. Re-invest can be configured separately so that a different number of people can be paid per purchase and also a different admin profit and referral profit percentage can be set to give the utmost flexibility to administrators of this software. There is also a setting which lets the admin decide whether surplus cash from the split is paid to the admin or the members.

  • Payment Processors: This is where you setup the admin payment processor accounts, by default our software has the ability to accept AlertPay, E-Bullion, E-Gold, MoneyBookers, PayByCheck, PayPal, Pecunix, Phoenix Dollar and SafePay with options to configure and add your own payment processors to that list. Payment processors can be enabled or disabled at will and independently for accepting money and paying out money, for example you might wish to accept PayPal for your program but not process withdraws through PayPal, disabling PayPal as a withdrawal method would not display PayPal in the withdrawal options list in the members area and vice versa. All payment processors can be fully edited or deleted as well.

  • Admin Login Credentials: Ability to change your admin login name and password.

  • Registration Settings: This part controls the settings for when new members create an account and can be configured to send the member directly to the purchases page after they have signed up if you wish, you can also choose whether or not to verify a members e-mail address before activating their account. Other settings include being able to block multiple signups from the same IP Address and or e-mail address as well if you want to which helps stop most members from being able to cheat and refer themselves. There is also the ability to enable or disable asking for the members name, address, city, zip and country on signup.

  • Support Tickets: The support ticketing system is fully built in and allows the admin to directly answer or close support tickets from the admin area rather than using external e-mail accounts which may cause long delays, missing e-mails or requests to be filtered as spam or end up in a bulk folder. Answered support messages will be displayed in the support area in the members back office. While viewing a support ticket the admin can access the full details for that members account at the click of a button to allow support requests to be dealt with quicker and much more efficiently.

  • Mail Members: This is where the admin can send mass mail to members, options include being able to send to all members, unpaid members or paid members only. Mail can also be sent to member's e-mail accounts only, member's support area only or both. Mail can be sent in either plain text or HTML format and will be autodetected meaning that it wont all wrap to one line if html was added and plain text format was chosen. E-mail sent to the support area in HTML format will display as HTML.

  • E-Mail List: Where you can generate a plain text list on member's e-mail addresses in the format of one e-mail address per line. Lists can be generated of all members, only paid members or only unpaid members.

  • Search Members: This allows the admin to search member's complete account details by username, e-mail address, real name, payment processor account ID, account number or by a position number. Results can be obtained for part usernames as well, ie: a search for ro might return users in the results where their usernames were robin, robert, crome, trooper, diniro, nero etc. Ability to credit or debit member accounts to rectify account balances. Ability to add notes about an account for future reference or for other support staff to read.

  • View Members List: Displays a paginated list of all members including details with the option to view the member's full account details and notes or to send e-mail to the specific member.

  • View Positions List: Displays a paginated list of all positions entered into the cycle with option to view the account details of the position owners.

  • Testimonials: Where admin can approve, edit or delete pending testimonials and view a users account details.

  • Pending Sales: Shows purchases that are awaiting approval with information about the transaction and the ability to view the member's account details.

  • Pending Withdrawals: This is where the admin can approve pending withdrawal requests. Requests will show the member's preferred method of payment and will also display other available e-currency accounts that the member has in case payment cannot be made via the member's preferred method due to lack of available funds or some other issue. This saves hours of looking up member accounts while trying to create payment batches. Pending payments can be marked as paid or deleted.

  • Welcome E-Mail: Fully editable template for the welcome e-mail that is sent to a member on signup, special tags or macros can be included to personalize e-mail that is sent to members. For example you can include the {$WEBSITE_NAME} tag which would insert your website name and dozens of other tags to further personalize the e-mail that is sent to the member. The variations and options are almost without limit here and are only limited by lack of creativity on your part. A sample default e-mail template is already included for those that feel creatively challenged.

  • Activation E-Mail: Fully editable template for the activation e-mail which is sent to a member to verify their e-mail address on signup if the admin has elected to verify e-mail addresses using the option in the Registration Settings area. Again the option is there to add tags to customize your e-mails to members.

  • Password Reset E-Mail: Fully editable e-mail that is sent to a member if they have lost their password, the password is automatically reset to a random password because passwords are not stored in the database in plain text like they are in most software meaning that if your server were insecure and hackers were able to access your server and obtain a copy of the database, that they will not be able to see member's account passwords as they are encrypted using MD5 hash. Again the option is there to add tags to customize your e-mails to members.

  • Content Manager: Every page is editable from the admin panel meaning that you can edit the page content without having to be an HTML guru. Each page has 3 content areas that can be edited with the ability to set a page title and sub header etc. Content areas can accept plain text or HTML input. An HTML editor is included for those that wish to use HTML but do not have their own HTML editing program. Again custom tags can be included to individualise the content that is displayed on your pages. This allows for the utmost flexibility when creating or updating your site. If for example you added the {$POSITION_PRICE} tag to a page and later changed the cost of a position, the page will show the new price which saves you having to edit each page the price shows on each time you change it. This works with all tags, they will always display the current value that is assigned to them. This also allows you to show notes to members on their login home page and be able to change them as often as you like with the minimum amount of effort on your part.

  • Theme Manager: The look and feel of your website can be changed at the click of a button as many sample templates with different color themes are included by default. Just change the color theme to suit your preference and it will display the changes on your site. The .CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) for each template is fully editable for the more advanced user which allows you to change fonts, colors, link behavior etc directly from the admin panel.

    X PAY PRO Member's Area Main Features

  • Statistics: Shows complete user account statistics to the member including total purchases made, amount of additional purchases made, number of positions purchased, number of positions purchased from account balance and total number of positions held. Also shown is total earnings from the positions, how mant clicks a member's personal referral link has received, how many people actually signed up under that referral, referral bonuses earned, amount of withdrawals pending, amount already withdrawn, total withdrawals including none paid requests and current available balance that can be withdrawn. The content of this page, all of the others listed and many more can all be edited from the administration panel and can include special tags to publish information on the pages. Custom content can be added in either plain text or HTML format.

  • Purchase Positions: Where members purchase positions and a list of the currently enabled payment processors that you are accepting payments through will appear in the options list. Re-purchase from account balance can also be made from this page, however the re-purchase fields will only be displayed to the member if their available account balance is equal to or more than the cost of a position. The content of this page is editable from the admin panel.

  • My Positions: Shows the details of member's positions, position number, etc, all results are paginated. The content of this page is editable from the admin panel.

  • My Referrals: Shows member's personal referral link and full details of members referred by that members. The content of this page is editable from the admin panel.

  • Withdraw: Displays pending and completed withdrawal history for that account and is where a withdrawal is initiated. Processors shown in available payment processors field are the payment processors that are currently enabled for withdrawals in the administration panel. Withdrawals of less than the minimum withdrawal amount or more than the maximum withdrawal amount set in the administration panel cannot be initiated.

  • Support: Where a member can fill out and submit a support ticket. These tickets are then displayed in the support area of the administration panel where they can be replied to. Replies show up in the member's support area in a different color so as to easily differentiate between a sent message and a reply. Mail from the e-mail members page will also be displayed here if the option to send to member's support area was selected. HTML content messages will also be properly displayed here.

  • My Account Info: This area allows a member to update or change their account details or to add account information for new payment processors that may have been added since the member originally joined.

  • Log Out: Where a member can securely log out of the current logged in session.

  • 24/7/365 Customer Support

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